Mar 21, 2009

Download Ebook - Martin Merrill : Make Women Laugh

If you have ever tried to make a woman laugh, you would how difficult it can sometimes be especially if you do not know how to do so. Martin Merrill has created the make women laugh book which promises to show you step by step, how to make any woman laugh at any time and at any place. Much has been said about this book, but here is a review of what to expect from it.

The package comes with the main book and six other bonus books and some of the things you would learn in the main book includes why women laugh at jokes which you don't find funny at all, how to get rid of the fear of rejection, 5 ways to improve your rapport building skills, the type of joke you should tell first and the one thing you must never do when making women laugh in order not to spoil the whole process. You would also learn how to save yourself from a situation when your jokes suck or simply do not work on a woman.

The good thing about this book is that it would show you how to make any woman laugh and another good thing is that you can download this book immediately after you pay for it which means that you do not have to wait for anything. The not so good thing is that this book only shows you how to do make any woman laugh it might take you some time to be able to learn what it teaches and be able to make women laugh by yourself.

All things considered, make women laugh does look like a good book and if you are someone who has been looking to learn how to make any woman laugh, you might want to give this a try.

It aims to provide you with a systematic and fool-proof approach to fully unleash your potential to make women laugh and fall in love with you. Of course, by the time you can do that you?ll have had tons of fun and become a more attractive. Those are the secondary gains.

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Feb 12, 2009

Download Ebook - Doug Lennox : Now You Know - The Book of Answers

Our daily lives are filled with little sayings and habits that we don't think much about. Many of them have their roots in history and were passed down from our ancestors, and though the reasons for them have often been forgotten, they linger still. Have you ever wondered:
- Why is there a best man at weddings and why are brides carried over the threshold?

- Why is an eager person "gung ho" and a coward "yellow"?
- Why is football played on a "gridiron" and a leg injury called a "charley horse"?
- Why do the British drive on the left and North Americans on the right?

The answers to these questions and the origins of hundreds of other expressions and customs are brought together in this fascinating collection based on the nationally-syndicated radio feature "Now You Know," which reaches a daily audience of over a million Canadians. With all the conciseness of the original radio scripts, Doug Lennox tells you the things you always wanted to know.

Why are golf assistants called caddies? Why do the British drive on the left and North Americans on the right? Why is football played on a “gridiron,” and a leg injury called a “Charlie horse” ? The answers to these questions and the origins of hundreds of other expressions and customs are brought together in this fascinating collection of the history behind everyday words and routines. With all the conciseness of his original radio scripts, Doug Lennox “cuts to the quick” in telling you the things you always wanted to know.

Doug Lennox ia best known through his 35 years as a freelance writer, producer, and host in Canadian radio and television. His work at the CBC with such legends as Anne Murray and Ronnie Hawkins has won him international acclaim. He has also been featured in movies and television.

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Feb 10, 2009

Download Ebook - Gary Brodsky : How to Dominate Woman

Instant Results! Puts you in control of women forever! "If men knew how women thought, they would be ten times more bold!" - Sigmund Freud

HOW TO DOMINATE WOMEN is written in a clear, easy-to-follow format, with step-bystep instructions, this book is easily understood by any man. You will not only know how to use
these methods, but precisely and why they work so well on the female mind.

Pick up, seduce and dominate any woman you see
Why men don't have to be good looking to dominate women
Never be pussy-whipped again
Increase your chances a million fold
How to dominate in and out of the bedroom
Make to make women want you and need you
How to bend a woman's mind like putty
How to get them undressing for you and loving it
How to make women jump at your commands
How to walk with confidence all the time
And much, much more!

These are personal, tried and true techniques that always work and get any woman into bed-every single time.

HOW TO DOMINATE WOMEN will change your life forever. Become a master of female domination. Have any woman you desire sleeping with you, doing what you ask, and in your complete control.

HOW TO DOMINATE WOMEN is powerful, practical and priceless. The only book of its kind! You'll never know how you lived without this book!

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Jan 27, 2009

Download Ebook - Bob Proctor : You Were Born Rich

Are you ready to cash in on the riches inside of you? Bob Proctor's international best-seller "You Were Born Rich" guides you through all the major principles you must understand in order to unlock the vast wealth of potential buried inside of you. Through reading this book you will learn :

- What money is and how you can attract more of it
- How to become co-creator of your own destiny
- The role of faith in your success
- How to build prosperous images in your mind that translate into magnificent results in your life
- The keys to bringing abundance into your life
- The Law of Attraction and why some people keep attracting negative results and others always seem to attract positive results
- The method for developing The Razor's Edge that will allow you to become a champion
- The Vacuum Law of Prosperity - why you must release the old to make room for the new

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Jan 25, 2009

Download Ebook - Roger Hamilton : Wink and Grow Rich

Wink and Grow Rich is an enchanting tale that claims to hold the key to your wealth. It is a story about a young boy growing up in a life of poverty, who is sent on his daily ritual to get water from the “well of wealth”. For centuries people in his village had made it a habit to visit the well of wealth every day without fail, believing that by giving generously to the well
, it would give generously to them in return.

Even after having read this book, some of its contents frustratingly remain an enigma. However I encountered many ‘ah-ha’ moments, which made perfect sense and I muse why no-one else has imparted this knowledge previously.

But one day the boy chose a different path that would change his life forever. On his journey he meets a range of intriguing characters and mentors along the way, who each bestow upon him words of wisdom which he is left to interpret.

I can’t delve too much into the story without giving away the plot, but this is a delightful tale within which holds some real gems of wisdom. It won’t take you long to read, and as the author recommends, you probably need to re-read the book a few times to appreciate each lesson.

As Hamilton says, “Please use this story as you would a watering can. The more you sprinkle it, the more you will grow.” Hamilton is touted as Asia’s leading wealth consultant, becoming a millionaire in his late twenties and retiring at the age of thirty. He now owns seven businesses in various industries and focuses on coaching people to wealth via seminars.

If you’re wondering why you haven’t achieved absolute abundance yet, then this book could well be the key that unlocks your passion for creating wealth.

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Download Ebook - Shelley Lowery : A Complete Guide to Developing a Successful Internet Business from Home

A step by step guide to developing your own Internet business -- from getting your office set up to deciding on what products you should sell, to marketing and promoting. Nearly 100 pages - yours free. You may brand this free ebook with your affiliate IDs and make money by freely distributing it.

Wow! This is the most complete ebook I've ever seen on working from home. Written by Shelley Lowery what else would you expect. She's been online for years and everything she touches is golden. PDF format.

Shelley is the author of the acclaimed web design course, Web Design Mastery.

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